Features and Prospective

        The combination of Mandarin Training Center, Prepared School for Overseas Chinese Students, and Department of Chinese as a Second Language in National Taiwan Normal University prides itself in being the biggest and the most endowed institute that nurtures professional Chinese talents in both communication and teaching, with equal attentions being paid to both theory and practice. Our faculty specializes in linguistics, language education, educational psychology, cognition science, technology for education, Chinese literature and culture, and Oversea Chinese society. Our student body consists of Taiwanese students, overseas Chinese, and international students from all over the world. The combination of our faculty and students, therefore, makes possible an ecologically diverse learning environment. In the future, Department of Chinese as a Second Language will seek to work with Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation and programs related to International human resources and management in NTNU, in order to extend student capacity for cross-lingual and cross-cultural communication, as well as for administrative management. We will also further cooperate with schools and universities overseas, and develop Chinese teaching pedagogy that is based on empirical research, and that tailors to contemporary learning needs. Finally, we will aim at creating a unique image of our brand name for teaching Chinese language and culture, and for teaching overseas Chinese.