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Visiting Professors and Lecturers

Prof. Kwee Nyet Chin

Current Post:Centre for Language Studies, National University of Singapore

Visiting Term:2016/02-2016/06

Prof. Benjamin K Y Tou

Current Post:Linguistics and Language Sciences, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Visiting Term:2015/09-2016/01

Prof. Jinhuei Enya Dai

Current Post:Monterey Institute of International Studies

Visiting Term:2014/02-2014/06

Prof. Chuan Zhu

Current Post:Hong Kong Institute of Education

Visiting Term:2013/2/1-2013/6/30

Prof. Jeng-Yun Mou

Current Post:Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Depauw University

Visiting Term:2012/02-2012/06

Prof. Bao-Zhang He

Current Post:Asian Studies Program, College of the Holy Cross

Visiting Term:2011/02-2011/06 2017/02-2017/06

Prof. Cornelius C. Kubler

Current Post:Williams College Department of Asian Studies

Visiting Term:2010/09-2011/01

Prof. Janet Xing

Current Post:Western Washington University Department of Modern & Classical Languages

Visiting Term:2009/02-2009/06

Prof. Yea-Fen Chen

Current Post:University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee U.S.A.

Visiting Term:2007/09-2008/06

Prof. Jianhua Bai

Current Post:Kenyon College U.S.A.

Visiting Term:2006/02-2006/06

Prof. Bennan Zhang

Current Post:Hong Kong Institute of Education

Visiting Term:2005/09-2006/01

Prof. Yuehua Liu

Current Post:Chinese Language Program, Harvard University U.S.A.

Visiting Term:2005/02-2005/06

Prof. Chongyu Chen

Current Post:National University of Singapore

Visiting Term:2004/02-2005/01

Prof. De Bao Xu

Current Post:Hamilton College, U.S.A.

Visiting Term:2003/02-2003/06

Prof. Hong Gang Jin

Current Post:Hamilton College, U.S.A.

Visiting Term:2002/09-2003/06

Prof. Murakami Kouichi

Current Post:Waseda University, Japan

Visiting Term:2001/04-2002/03

Prof. L. W. Cheng

Current Post:University of Hawaii at Monoa U.S.A.

Visiting Term:1996/03-1997/02