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Degree Programs


The Department of Chinese as a Second Language is located across from the NTNU main gate on the tenth floor of Bo-ai Building (129 Heping East Road), sharing the same building with the Mandarin Training Center and resources with the adjacent campus library and General Building. The department has twenty full-time and part-time professors. Many of our professors have extensive overseas teaching experience to undertake international exchanges and academic research, and to give our students the education and training they need to be internationalized and competent instructors of Chinese language. We offer the following programs:

Degree Programs
Ph.D We began accepting students for the Ph.D. program in 2003. Each year, three local students and a few international students are admitted into the program. Five students have earned their Ph.D. degree as of date.
Master of Arts The Master’s program admits twenty local students and ten international students each year. As of July 2012, over three hundred students, including those in the part-time program, have earned their degree through our program.
Bachelor of Arts The bachelor program was original offered at the Department of Chinese Language and Culture for International Students. It was established in 2007 and is the only undergraduate program in Taiwan that accepts international students who use Chinese as their second language. The program has two graduating classes as of date.
Continuing Education and Credit Courses for Non-majors
Part-time Master’s Program in Thailand In 2006, the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language offered Master’s degree program in teaching and admitted its first incoming part-time students. It is the first program in Taiwan to offer Master’s degree overseas. We have three incoming classes as of today; the students are mainly made up of Chinese language instructors from local universities and international schools.
Credit Courses for Non-majors Credit courses for non-majors are offered jointly with other departments of NTNU to train students who takes interest in teaching Chinese. Each year approximately 30 students are enrolled. They are required to complete at least 20-credit hours in addition to practicum requirement. A certificate of course completion is issued to students who completed the courses with satisfactory performance.


Graduate Programs

Our department places high emphasis on both research and teacher’s training for our Master’s and Ph.D. students. While we endeavor to foster professionalism, scholastic esteem and internationalism of Chinese language pedagogy, we also dedicate ourselves to training and preparing our students to be top-notch instructors of teaching Chinese as a second language and of heritage learners. Our objectives are:

Preparing students to be Chinese language instructors with international views. Academic excellence and professionalism of research in Chinese language.
Pedagogical research in teaching Chinese to non-heritage learners. Pedagogical and theoretical research in teaching Chinese as a second language.
Developing teaching materials and proficiency tests that are suitable for learning Chinese as a second/foreign language. Fostering research to develop policy in and promote teaching Chinese internationally.
Developing distance instruction across borders and computer-assisted multimedia instructions.

In addition to a thesis, Master’s and Ph.D. students are required to complete student teaching in order to graduate. Upon graduation, students may either teach Chinese at language institutes or colleges in Taiwan or overseas, or they may do research in related disciplines such as linguistics, language teaching, Chinese literature, Asian languages, etc. Students completing their Master’s program may also choose to pursue a doctoral degree. Our graduates may take on the following employment opportunities:

Career Outlook Description
Chinese language instructor at overseas colleges and universities One-thirds of our graduates are Chinese instructors at colleges and universities in Europe, the United States, Japan and Korea; to name a few, Harvard, Yale, Brown, University of California system, Cambridge, Leiden.
Instructor at Chinese language centers in Taiwan Many of our graduates also find employment at the numerous university Chinese language centers such as National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Chengkung University, National Central University, Chinese Culture University, etc.
Chinese instructor at international schools overseas Some of our graduates are either Chinese language instructors or directors at international schools (primary and secondary schools) in the United States, Europe, Thailand and Indonesia.
Academic research in Chinese language Some pursue their career in academic research and projects related to Chinese language.
Educational advancement Fifteen percent of our Master’s graduates go on to pursue a Ph.D. degree in linguistics or language education at either local universities or universities abroad.
Cultural industry Our graduates may also seek employment in cultural industry or research institutions that involve Chinese language.
Language instructor at local primary or secondary schools Students who have taken courses and completed requirements in education, as well as passing the national teacher’s exam may become Chinese or English instructors at local primary or secondary schools.

Undergraduate Program

To remain as one of the top-ranking institutions in TCSL. To stay connected globally with the learning demand of Chinese.
To expand opportunities for international cooperation in teaching. To develop research in Chinese for Specific Purposes.

Our undergraduates may take on the following employment opportunities:

Career Outlook 相關職業
  • Teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language
  • Administrators at Chinese learning institutions
  • Language instructors at Chinese learning institutions or international schools
Translator or interpreter
  • Interpreters at Taiwan’s diplomatic offices
  • Interpreters or administrative staff at foreign economic offices in Taiwan
  • Interpreters or administrative staff at foreign economic offices in Taiwan
  • Translators at foreign firms or private organizations
  • Interpreters for the media
Cultural work
  • Organizers for cultural exchanges
  • Employment at publishing companies of cultural material
  • Organizers for innovative cultural industry
  • Managerial work at foreign trading companies
  • Managerial work at local trading companies
Graduate degree
  • Specializing in
    • Research in Chinese language pedagogy
    • Research in language, literature and culture
    • Research in Sinology
    • Research in translation
    • Research in bilingual education
    • Multicultural research
    • Asian studies