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The Department of Chinese as a Second Language is located on the tenth floor of Bo-ai Building, adjacent to the campus library. In addition to the administration office, the department also houses an audio-visual classroom, a library, a computer lab, a language lab, a distance instruction lab, a teaching lab, a meeting room, instructor’s offices, a Ph.D. student study room, and a lounge. The audio-visual classroom is open to all instructors offering credit courses and students who take classes. The library has a rich collection of teaching materials, as well as a few thousand volumes of periodicals, books and conference proceedings on Chinese language pedagogy. The computer lab has an abundance of Chinese teaching software and Chinese processing software, and is maintained by graduate students. The language lab and distance instruction lab are used and maintained by research groups.

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Library Collection
The Department of Chinese as a Second Language library has a rich and multidimensional collection of learning resources and materials on Chinese language pedagogy and learning. The library is located on the tenth floor of Bo-ai Building within the department. One-thirds of the collection is donated by our professors and professors from other institutions abroad, while the remaining two-thirds is purchased by the department, including periodicals, books on Chinese language pedagogy, conference proceedings, student thesis, reference books and dictionaries, teaching materials from around the world, and up-to-date information on TCSL around the world. Our library has the most concentrated collection of TCSL materials under one roof in Taiwan, with 1,500 volumes of books in Chinese, 2,000 volumes of donated books, 300 volumes in western languages, over 1,000 volumes of teaching materials and 400-plus volumes of thesis. There are also over 7,000 volumes of books from the department being housed in the campus main library. The department library is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.